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familyAre you purchasing a home and want to know its secrets?

Receive a complimentary C.L.U.E. Report today to avoid surprises!

When making a decision on which house to buy, don’t be surprised by higher premiums for homeowners insurance resulting from prior losses on a property. Order a 5 year history of loses filed against a property today!

  • Guaranteed Unlimited Replacement Cost – Highest protection our carriers offer on dwelling coverage
  • Freedom of Choice – Our independent agency can find you the best deal
  • Multi-Policy Discount – On auto and home policies combined
  • Flexibility – With bundles, endorsements and deductible options
  1. Contact a Mortgage Rep to get pre-qualified
  2. View homes for sale with experience realtor
  3. Order C.L.U.E Report on potential home from insurance agency
  4. Put an offer in

What is a C.L.U.E. Report?

C.L.U.E. (Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange) is a loss history information exchange provided by LexisNexis Risk Solution Inc.

CLUE reports allow insurance companies to utilize prior loss information in their underwriting process. These participating insurers regularly submit loss information to the C.L.U.E. Information Exchange, a shared database.

When quoting, insurance companies use such information as an applicant’s name, risk property address date of birth and social security number to request the loss information from the database. The C.L.U.E. system matches the provided details to the previously mentioned information submitted by the other insurance carriers. A C.L.U.E report is then created and given to the insurance agent or company. This report includes all losses connected to the submitted applicant and property’s data within seven years of the date of the request.

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  • Multi-Policy Discounts – Save up to 20% on auto and home
  • Life Multi-Policy Discounts – Save up to 5% with a qualified life policy
  • Age 55 and Over Discount
  • First Accident Forgiveness – No surcharge on your auto policy for your first at-fault accident